Remembering My Uncle Brian Pike

By Creative Photography | 3rd February 2022


My Uncle Brian  -   30th September 1950 - 24th January 2022. 

You watched me grow up from being born to now a young lady.  You always spoke good things about me to anyone that you knew.  I loved being your niece and i know that you loved being my Uncle. You were like my best friend.  

I loved it when you rang me and you say 'it's your Uncle Brian'.  It's been a pleasure knowing as my Uncle.  You have introduced me to a few people like Jimmy Cricket, The Wooden Hut Club and Eric Deveroux. 

Mum (Val) and I loved being with you and Jackie.  You made us laugh and smile for a long as i can remember.  I remember you Brian at the Annual Presentation Rounders Dance, as my mum was the secretary of the Rounders League back then until around 1999.  You were on the slot machines and at the bar of course at Pembroke Hall in Worsley. 

I also remember you and little Joe came to my/our house and did some tiling for us.  I have a photo of you doing the tiling.  I will come across it some time. 

It will take me some time to get over your passing. I will always love you. 

Love your Niece Olivia 

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