Exciting News

By Creative Photography | 16th April 2018

Well, something exciting is happening to me this month.  Firstly I will be 40 years old on the 29th April 2018.  Its very daunting isnt it.

Secondly about mid January I noticed this advert about Big Bolton Business Expo on Bradford Street in the Bridge Conference Centre and I thought i will check it out online.  It was free entry if you booked in online otheriwse its £15 on the door - then I thought nothing of it.  It was around Mid March a lovely girl called Ellie from The Best of Bolton got intouch with me and asked me if I would like to be in the Business booklet thats handed out to local businesses and I thought 'what could I lose' - nothing apart from a small fee. So I was sent a template of the info that they want for the advert.  So I got my dad to help me with the info.  I designed my own Logo too.  






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