2019 Update

By Creative Photography | 23rd March 2019

Sorry for not being on here for a while. Its been abit manic with my families healthwise.   It all started back in November 2018 - mum fell downstairs and managed to brake one of bones in the lower body and had to be in hospital for a week and it was going to take for recovery upto 6 to 8 weeks, before that happened we booked for all of us to go to Brisbane, Australia to see my older brother (only by two years) he is a Orthopeadic consultant surgeon who we havent seen for about nealy 4 years. His 3 girls are growing up so fast.  He has been divorced for about (2014) 5 years but he has met a really nice aussie lady and she is lovely.  She is nurse - highest qualification.  She also has 3 kids - (2 girls and a boy).  At the end of November 2018 my dads car was stolen by two young boys who decided to come into our house and take the car keys and dads phone and his bank cards. By luck we managed to stop the cards within half an hour of them taking the cards/car and mobile phone. 

In the next blog I will write how we went on in Australia and our travelling from our house in Bolton to Brisbane. 

Happy New Year 2019 - i know its abit late.

Olivia at Creative Photography



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