2018 Liverpool Giants

By Creative Photography | 16th October 2018


Well, my friend Paula Simms (who is like a sister to me) - who lives and works in Liverpool.  She invited me down to see the Giants as it was to be the last time we all see the Giants across the whole world.  So I jumped at the chance to go and see my friend/sister and the Giants and stayed the night before.  So I caught the Saturdey evening train from Manchester Oxford Road Station to Liverpool Lime Station and when i got there i decided to have a hot chocolare as it was abit on the chilly side.  I was sitting down minding my own business whilst having a hot chocolate -mind you i like people watching too.  I noticed a middle aged couple who were trying to take selfies on their phone.  So i asked them do you want me take a photo of them and so I did and gave the phone back.  She was going through the photos on their phone and came across a photo with him and another woman in a hotel room.  And she asked him"'is there anything you want to tell me" about 2 or 3 times she asked him, and eventually he said it was a woman from work.  Paula and Kevin rang to say they were coming to pick me up.  So I told them what happened and they were like - did you see the photo? - I didnt see the photo. 

So anyway we got back to their place as I was staying the night.  They treated me to a Chinese Takeaway so we watched Strictly Come Dancing and Then we watched X Factor.  I really enjoyed my time there with my lovely friend Paula.  So we discussed what the situation is about seeing the Giants - so we decided to go to the afternoon Grand Finale. So we had a coffee and hot chocolate at the pub Britannia on the dock overlooking the Mersey River.  And Kevin dropped us off just before the sign road closed.  Then we started walking to the road that where they said the giant was napping. There he was HUGE Giant sat down with his head just forward on his chest and he was breathing and snoring too.  Amazing to see and took some photos close up and then we were asked to move on as the entrance to a buildling/factory - they wanted it to be clear and then we went further down to get a good spot.  So our minds started thinking about what or who could they be bringing back for the Grand Finale - The Final GoodBye.    It was already getting packed of people and kids. We got there about 1.30pm and we had to wait for an hour for the Giant and the dog to wake up from their nap.  So the waiting game began, so my friend said it could be the girl or the Granny for the finale surprise.  Nearly time for the wake up time. So the Puppeteers came back on the little bus with the Tune for him to wake up and the finale began. Oncethe Uncle woke and stretched his arms and stood up he looked to his left and there was his Neice (the girl) came back to join the Grand Finale and so we had the Dog 'Xoulou' - the girl (The neice) - and then the Giant (The uncle) and then they had huge brass symbols smashing every minute or so and then a Giant Party Popper. 


          The Sleeping Giant



                The GIANT'S FEET whilst sleeping


              The GIANT Dog - Sleeping (Xolo)


The Neice - came as a surpise for the Grand Finale!!


             Bird in flight over the Mersey River



The view from the pub Britannia on the Dock Road Liverpool overlooking the Mersey.




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