2018 update

By Creative Photography | 5th October 2018


Sorry I havent been on here for a while.  Ive been helping mum with a few errands for her as she has trouble balancing - she has done for a while now.  Also I am going to be visiting The Giants Spectacular - going the night before and staying my friend (like a sister).  It's going to be a busy day on Sunday as it will be a Grand Finale.  Its like its the Final event for the Giants Spectacular in October 2018 in Liverpool.  

I have also been advertised in the Boltons Local mags Redrose Directories - Sharples, Heaton, Bradshaw & Harwood and Bromley Cross.  But at the moment no clients have come through yet.  Hope things will pick up soon.  Would like to earn a little extra.  

Be back after the weekend - in Liverpool. 

Kind wishes to all

Olivia Ottley - Creative Photography.


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