2018 Big Bolton Expo

By Creative Photography | 9th May 2018

2018 Bolton Big Business Expo

This is me in the photo above just entered th Bolton Big Expo - its like a Business Market with all little stalls with about two peopleto each business on their little stalls.  I went in the loud room which had about 60 - 70 stalls in, I went in a zig zag way round.  Each table had like a big bowl to let other businesses put their business cards in the big bowl. Some were guess the name of the 'new royal baby' which was born the day before.  There were a one table with a jar of car keys (guess how many) and there were a glass with 5 p's - guess how much? etc etc.  

In the Big Bolton Expo 2018 Booklet, I have been added to the many businesses which is in the booklet which I am hopeful for some business to out of it.  (more will be added shortly). 

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